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We Recommend  Sincerely Follow these Steps.



  •  Keep Your Security Software (anti-virus/anti-malware) Program Up To Date to protect your devices while working, playing games, watching movies, etc.



  • Keep our IT Support Helpline Number always handy (on paper/diary/notebook or in your phone) so that you can reach us in case of any issues related to your computer or other devices.


  • Immediately Report /Contact Our IT Support team for a complete diagnostics in case of any suspicious activity, un-authorized access or abnormal behavior of your device, to minimize your exposure to cyber risks.


  • Always Shutdown/Turn off/Hibernate  your devices when not in use (to avoid unwanted guest’s and of course to save energy for a better global health).


  • Always get your devices routinely diagnosed for a better experience and minimum chances of exposure to cyber attacks.



  • DON’T entertain any un-solicited calls or emails from unknown sources as hackers/scammers often use lucrative deals and offers to TRICK   you and unfortunately it might result in a bad experience for you. (DO REMEMBER IF IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT’S NOT TRUE AT ALL )


  • DON’T entertain any phone calls related to (computer help/technical help/routine checkup, etc). As No Legitimate software/ IT support company ever calls their customers .These dirty tricks are mostly used by imposters, hackers or scammers.  In Case of any doubt/query feel free to contact customer helpline.


  • DON’T ever install any unidentified programs, applications or give access of your devices to anyone pretending to be from any company/organization as some  software are harmful and designed to gain access of your device and steal your information.



  • DON’T click on any such links from an unknown or un-trusted source. Cyber attackers often use them to trick you into visiting malicious sites and downloading malware that can be used to steal data and damage system /networks.

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